Special bridge cranes

Special bridge cranes can be equipped with hooks and special cargo gripping devices (grabs, magnets, traverses, jaws and claws) to carry out special load lifting and technological operations.

Special bridge cranes can be manufactured with one, two, three or four beams and can be equipped with one, two or several trolleys.

Special bridge cranes can be manufactured with a flexible or a rigid suspension of the traverse, with  longitudinal or cross location of the traverse. They can also be equipped with a rotating trolley, a rotating traverse or a suspension with hook rotation.


Special bridge crane with a grab is intended to handle, lift and transport dry, bulk or lump materials by means of a rope- or attached  electro- mechanical or electro-hydraulic grab.

Cranes with a grab can be equipped with multi-jaw grabs. There can be from 3 up to 8 jaws in these grabs. These jaws are of crescent shape for handling of materials which are difficult to scoop such as lumpy ore. Special feed grabs are intended to scoop materials from ship’s holds or wagons.  Bridge cranes with the grab are required during work in open areas. They can also operate at high temperatures and under heavy climate conditions of foundry shops.

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Special bridge cranes with magnets are intended to carry out handling procedures, transportation, installation and repair on outdoor platforms of different plants as well as in industrial workshops and warehouses.

Bridge cranes with magnets are equipped with a special cargo gripping device i.e. with an electric magnet which allows catching and handling of rolled steel, profiled bars, ingots, metal scrap, facings, scrap and other ferromagnetic materials. When electric magnet is removed cranes can operate with piece cargoes in a hook mode.

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Special bridge cranes with magnets and grabs are intended for simultaneous or separate transportation of dry or lump materials  (sand, clay, grit, concrete, ore, coal) as well as  ferromagnet cargoes such as metal scrap, rolled metal, cast iron.

Due to their universality    cranes with magnets and grabs are widely used in scrap stockyards and can be used under hard temperature conditions of foundry shops. Along with that  electric magnets are applied for operation with ferromagnet materials.. Rope or hinged electromechanic or electro hydraulic grabs of different shape are used to handle dry and lump materials including metal chips.

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Special mold bridge cranes with magnets are intended to operate in a scrap stockyard of open hearth plants. The crane is equipped with a traverse to grab and transport the mold with disintegrated metal to steel-melting furnaces.

Mold cranes with magnets are equipped with a lifting electric magnet which allows filling the mold with a metal charge and handling of steel, cast iron, scrap metal, metal chips and other ferromagnetic materials. In this case electric magnets are suspended directly on a crane hook.

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Special mold bridge cranes with grabs are intended for transportation of metal charge to shaft furnaces in melting workshop areas of metallurgical plants. The crane is equipped with a traverse to grab and transport the mold with disintegrated metal to the steel-melting furnaces.

Mold cranes with grabs are equipped with a cargo gripping device (i.e. with a grab) which ensures mold loading or handling of metal scrap, dry or bulk materials. The mold crane with a grab can be equipped with a rope grab  & a suspended (electromechanical or electro hydraulic) grab. Along with that a suspended grab is suspended directly on the hook of the crane.

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Special bridge cranes are equipped with traverses to carry out different working procedures. These traverses are special load handling devices for handling of various cargo types.. They are usually removable and they are of beam space structure which is equipped with special gripping devices.

Depending on operational conditions and characteristics of the cargo to be handled  traverses are divided into linear, dimensional, modular, mechanical and special types such as magnet, electromagnet, frictional and vacuum traverses with an appropriate type of gripping devices. Application of grippers of different types makes it  possible to handle rolled steel, slabs, pipes, long cargoes and containers.

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Special bridge crane with jaws is equipped with operated jaws which are intended to grip and handle hot-tempered and cold slabs, blooms, ingots, billets and sections for steel production. Crane with jaws is used in metallurgic production under conditions of high dust concentration and in heavy duty modes.

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Pratzen crane or a crane with claws belongs to the type of special bridge cranes and is used  in workshops of metallurgical facilities to transport rolled steel and half-finished materials. gripping devices of the pratzen crane are traverses with claws and cargo lifting magnets or hooks.

The claws of the Pratzen crane can handle hot rolled metal and are applicable for guarding of the cargo. The advantage of the gripping device with claws is that it reduces landing time of cargoes to be lifted.

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Special bridge crane with a flexible and a rigid traverse suspension and a rotating trolley are intended to fulfill a wide range of process procedures including procedures with rolled steel, slabs, pipes, long loads and containers.

To handle different types of cargoes such  bridge cranes can be equipped with replaceable  traverses with necessary cargo handling devices such as magnets, jaws, operated claws for picking up. These bridge cranes can operate with piece cargoes in a hook mode when special cargo gripping devices are removed. The main feature of such crane type is automated rotation  of the handling device and, therefore, of the cargo itself by means of the rotating crane trolley.

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Special bridge cranes  equipped with two trolleys are widely used during  implementation of installation and assembly work and also for maintenance of metallurgical plants and during simultaneous work with different cargo gripping devices - magnets and grabs.
Special bridge cranes with two trolleys can have double or three beams with parallel trolley travelling. Independent simultaneous and synchronized work of both lifting mechanisms is possible due to application of independent frequency inverters  on each  trolley.

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Bridge crane for general purposes consists of a bridge which is based on a rail track and travels on rail bridges (which are fixed on walls of a building).

Bridge cranes for general purposes (taking into consideration a type of their structure) are divided into single-beam & double-beam bridge cranes.

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