Special bridge crane with a flexible and a rigid traverse suspension and rotating trolley

Special bridge crane with a flexible and a rigid traverse suspension and a rotating trolley are intended to fulfill a wide range of process procedures including procedures with rolled steel, slabs, pipes, long loads and containers.

To handle different types of cargoes such  bridge cranes can be equipped with replaceable  traverses with necessary cargo handling devices such as magnets, jaws, operated claws for picking up. These bridge cranes can operate with piece cargoes in a hook mode when special cargo gripping devices are removed. The main feature of such crane type is automated rotation  of the handling device and, therefore, of the cargo itself by means of the rotating crane trolley.

The top of the rotating trolley is made of frame with the mechanism which is mounted on the platform of the frame to lift and control cargo gripping device. The frame of the lower part of the trolley has running wheels which are based  on bridge rails and travelling mechanism.

The rotating part of the trolley is based (with three running wheels) on a circular rail of the lower frame. One of these wheels is driven one. Herewith trolley rotation can be fully rotatable which ensures unlimited number of rotations in one way or it can non-rotatable (up to 370). and cargo rotation can be coaxial and eccentric towards the trolley track.

In case of rigid traverse suspension the mine with fixed guides (in which vertical bars of the traverse with cargo gripping devices travel) is mounted on a rotating frame. Due to these bars the traverse does not face any strong swaying when motion is unstable. Crane control cabin which provides a wide-angle overview is mounted to this mine, (to the cantilever platform).

The specific feature of this crane design is that  crane trolleys consist of separate finished  and unified units which are put together taking into consideration wide applicability of units and parts.      

While making configuration of crane units we take into consideration Customer’s production process particulars as well as individual requirements indicated in crane technical specification.
During production of the bridge crane with the rotating trolley we use components of leading manufactures and reliable suppliers.

Tehnoros company has got great experience in engineering, manufacturing and supplying of special bridge cranes with rotating trolleys to different industry branches.

Below you can find technical parameters of the basic line of bridge cranes with flexible and rigid traverse suspension and a rotating trolley. According to your wish, the technical parameters can be changed.

Bridge cranes with traverse Technical parameters.jpg

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