Waterfront equipment


The ship loaders “Pechora” are intended for loading of vessels with low carrying capacity, working on raid overloading operations.

The presented ship loader is equipped with a telescopic boom, that allows luffing unloading sleeve for access to the entire area of the hold, which provides the uniform layer-by-layer material loading.

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Tehnoros Group of Companies designs and manufactures ship loaders of class “Neva”, equipped with a luffing boom and a telescopic conveyor. These machines are intended for loading vessels with deadweight from 7 000 to 60 000 tones.

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The stationary slewing ship loader with through boom “Volga” can be used for loading vessels with deadweight from 5 000 to 200 000 tones. The important advantage of ship loaders of this type is the possibility of making the place of its installation deep into the sea that is especially important for areas with shallow waters.

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Special grain rail mounted slewing shipl oader with a swinging boom of the "Kuban" type is intended for loading ships up to 120000 DWT. 

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