Ship loader PECHORA

The ship loaders “Pechora” are intended for loading of vessels with low carrying capacity, working on raid overloading operations.

The represented ship loader is equipped with a telescopic boom, that allows luffing unloading sleeve for access to the entire area of the hold, which provides the uniform layer-by-layer material loading.

This class of ship loaders is intended for heavy-duty operations with high level of dustiness and harsh weather conditions (from – 50 deg. C to + 50 deg. C).

These ship loaders are easy to operate, do not require costly maintenance and have high level of productivity. The average duration of switching period is for loading period of vessel with 7000 t deadweight.

The working model of the ship loader, installed on Sakhalin Island, is designed for coal handling (particle size up to 300 mm) and has the maximum capacity 2300 t/h.

Excepting the main components, this type of ship loaders is equipped with:
- throw-off carriage, consisting of two deviating drums with a cantilever frame;
- telescopic boom with conveyor units inside;
- telescopic boom travelling system;
- unloading sleeve of telescopic conveyor.

The telescopic conveyor outreach is possible up to 26 meters at speed of boom extension/ retraction about 8 m/ min. Thanks to easy and reliable design, the ship loaders “Pechora” ensure efficient and failure-free operations in hard sea conditions. These machines are a good alternative to grab cranes.

An advantage of ship loaders “Pechora” is the execution of all steel structures in transport dimensions, which makes the delivery cheaper.

Ship loader Pechora technical characteristics.jpg

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