Ship building and ship repair equipment

In Tehnoros company structure there is a specialized Department “Ship building and ship repair equipment”.

The product range includes the following lines:

  • Ship transfer equipment

    - ship transfer systems (STS)
    - slipway trolleys
    - auxiliary transport and construction equipment
    - transborders
    - mobile pneumatic-tired transporters

  • Ship launching / lifting equipment

    - vertical shiplifts
    - slipways for launching and lifting vessels
    - self-powered pneumatic-tired shiplifts

  • Shipbuilding equipment

    - gantry assembly cranes 
    - bridge cranes 
    - portal mounting cranes

  • Ship/dock equipment

    - bridge dock cranes
    - portal dock cranes 
    - winches 
    - hatchway and side door covers
    - shipboard cranes
  • Test-bench equipment

    - equipment for hydroacoustic towing basins
    - test stands for shipbuilding/ship repair companies

The specialized web-site is currently under development. For more information about our offer for shipbuilding and ship repair equipment, please, see the presentation and the brochure below.

Please, send your request for ship building and ship repair equipment on