Mine bridge cranes

The electric mine bridge crane is intended for mechanization of operations in underground mines, particularly for transportation (lowing and lifting) of heavy and large-sized mining equipment in vertical shaft.

The appliance of the mine crane allows delivering equipment from the surface into underground workings with minimal capital and operating costs that differs from equipment delivery by automobile access track or by inclined cargo shaft. The use of a mine crane substantially reduces the time of transportation and increased the safety level when performing this type of operations.

The mine bridge crane rests on four balance trucks and moves on crane ways, laid on ledges of a wall upper part or of a column. The mine crane has no trolley, that’s why all the mechanisms are located directly on the crane bridge. For crane work in the shaft, ways, preventing swinging of the traverse, are mounted. The traverse is intended for equipment lowing and lifting and allows placing maintenance staff for inspection of the air shaft. On the mine crane traverse there are video cameras for inspections of the mine, for cargo stop on the definite gateroad (floor) there is a controller on which there is an absolute rotation sensor, which quantifies wound or unwound rope by number of drum revolutions.

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