Storage and other conveying equipment


The scraper reclaimer refers to scraper unloaders and is intended for bulk materials stockpile dismantling. The scraper reclaimer is used for continuous download flow onto a stockyard conveyor.

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The boom bucket-wheel stacker and reclaimer is intended for coal or other bulk material stockpiling and its reclaiming from a stockpile. The stacker and reclaimer travels on rail track, placed along a storage conveyor. The conveyor on the boom is reversible and it transfers material either from a storage conveyor to a stockpile or from the reclaiming rotor to a storage conveyor. The machine is intended for open stockyard operations.

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The universal and effective method of bulk materials storing is to form a smooth and continuous ridge of material that extends along the entire length of stockyard and has predetermined height. The stacker is a conveyor-type belt stacking machine, intended for taking and stockpiling breakstone, sand, clay, limestone, ore, coal, gravel and other types of bulk materials.

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The bridge-type bucket-wheel reclaimer is intended for reclaiming coal or other dry bulk material from a stockpile. It moves on rail tracks, located along a storage conveyor. It is usually applied at open homogenization stockyards.

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The stacker is intended for material taking from a conveyor for following forming radial coal storage of a mine. Material feeding on a conveyor is carried out through a transfer bin, which consists of an external conveyor and lining of wear-resistant steel. Material unloading is carried out by free flow through a discharge unit.

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The mobile belt conveyor is intended for bulk and piece cargoes transfer. The mobile conveyor is efficient in often changing conditions of operation when the high equipment mobility is necessary, as well as during operations in combination with other equipment (sizing screen, washing, sorting or crushing plants). Having several mobile conveyors, it is possible to organize a traffic of necessary length and configuration.

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The belt conveyor is a continuous machine, intended for bulk cargoes transportation on horizontal and combined tracks. The conveyor is an endless continuously moving belt, which transports various bulk cargoes. The belt conveyors are widely used in many industries such mining industry, metallurgy, building materials manufacturing, chemical industry, residue/ waste recycling and utilization.

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The trunk conveyors are designed on basis of belt conveyors and they have higher level of productivity, length and increased reliability requirements.

Due to high powers of drives the equipment is supplied by three-phase 50 Hz high voltage network, necessarily protected from overload.

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The scraper conveyor is a transporting device of continuous operation, in which transfer of lumpy, granular or dust cargoes is carried out in a stationary gutter with scrapers mounted on one or more hauling chains dipped in a layer of bulk cargo.

The scraper conveyors are intended for bulk materials transportation in enclosed dust proof area and they are widely applied in various industries, including coal industry, bakery complexes, poultry factories and livestock complexes, as well.

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