Scraper reclaimer

On the mechanized enclosed stockyard the material feeding is performed by overhead belt conveyor (1), the material taking off is performed by scraper reclaimer (2).

The scraper reclaimer refers to scraper unloaders and is intended for bulk materials stockpile dismantling. The scraper reclaimer is used for continuous download flow onto a stockyard conveyor.

The scraper reclaimer consists of a steel structure with a running part and booms with scraper conveyors, installed on them. When the scraper reclaimer travels along a stockpile, the scrapers take material off uniformly and feed it onto output conveyor by constant flow.

According to their construction, there are cantilever, semi-portal and portal scraper reclaimers.

The scraper reclaimer is intended for different material types and is widely applied for transportation of fine materials, mineral fertilizes, sulphates, cement, phosphates, sulfur, ore mass.

The automation of scraper reclaimers operations can be available by means of inbuilt control systems.

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