Metallurgical cranes

The metallurgical bridge cranes are intended for operations with molten and hot metals in shops of metallurgical and machinery enterprises.

The metallurgical bridge cranes have the features:

- Heavy and very heavy mode of operation (A5-A8)
- Protection from exposure of extremely aggressive environments
- The increased level of reliability and safety
- The increased thermal protection of cabin and equipment
- Smooth travelling over the entire range of loads
- Ingress protection rating of electrical room and equipment not less than IP54
- Appliance of heat resistant protecting sleeves for cable laying
- The increased maintainability, quick unit replacements
- Possibility of long-term work after one motor failure before its replacement
- No limits of working motions combination
- The increased safety margins of components and ropes
- Automated collection and display of information about equipment condition and actual parameters of the crane 


The foundry bridge cranes are the main handling equipment, which is used at metallurgical enterprises for hot metal transportation, charging and casting.

The foundry cranes are intended for maintenance of converter and steel shops of metallurgical enterprises. They are designed for heavy and very heavy modes of operation that includes high, connected with manufacturing technique, dead-weight, dynamic and shock loads.

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The metallurgical pit dogging bridge cranes are intended for operations in heating furnaces cells for ingots setting onto furnaces bottom, as well as for transportation of ingots, heated up to rolling temperature, to an ingot bogie or to a receiving roller table of a rolling mill.

Considering the specifics of operation, the metallurgical pit crane is designed for an operating temperature up to +80 degrees C and can stand short-term exposure of high temperatures from the furnace and the bars. The load-handling device of the metallurgical dogging crane is special jaws which can spin.

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The metallurgical mould charging bridge cranes are intended for transporting and dumping a mould with burden or feedings into open-hearth furnaces and basic oxygen furnaces of steel shops of metallurgical enterprises, as well as for transfer operations during furnaces repair and maintenance.

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The metallurgical forge bridge cranes are intended for operations in forging shops, where they provide bars supply and turning during forging operations on presses.

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The quenching metallurgical cranes are applied in heat-treatment shops of machinery works. They are intended for handling operations, which are necessary in quenching process. These operations include work pieces supply in heating furnaces, heated work pieces lifting, work pieces dipping into quenching tanks and a range of auxiliary operations of maintenance of heat-treatment shops equipment.

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