Metallurgical pit bridge crane

The metallurgical pit dogging bridge cranes are intended for operations in heating furnaces cells for ingots setting onto furnaces bottom, as well as for transportation of ingots, heated up to rolling temperature, to an ingot bogie or to a receiving roller table of a rolling mill.

Metallurgical pit bridge crane Technical parameters.jpg

Considering the specifics of operation, the metallurgical pit crane is designed for an operating temperature up to +80 degrees C and can stand short-term exposure of high temperatures from the furnace and the bars. The load-handling device of the metallurgical dogging crane is special jaws which can spin.

Except ingots operations, the pit cranes perform various auxiliary handling operations. For this purpose the jaws are equipped with hooks for cargo operations. The jaws are used for furnace bottom cleaning.

During crane units packaging, we take into consideration the specifics of the Customer’s manufacturing process, as well as individual requirement according to the technical specification.

Since the metallurgical pit cranes do not have the typical characteristics, all the necessary parameters are set individually for every crane.

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