Linear stacker

For open stockyards maintenance the specialized machines for bulk material operations are used. Particularly, the linear stacker (2) allows to take material from a feeding conveyor for stockpiling. With the boom bucket-wheel stacker and reclaimer (1) can be stockpiling or material intake for subsequent feeding onto a quay conveyor. In some cases, it is possible to use bridge-type bucket-wheel reclaimer for material homogenization.

The linear stacker is a conveyor-type belt stacking machine, intended for taking and stockpiling breakstone, sand, clay, limestone, ore, coal, gravel and other types of bulk materials.

The universal and effective method of bulk materials storing is to form a smooth and continuous ridge of material that extends along the entire length of stockyard and has predetermined height.

The boom angle change allows to reduce the cargo fall height and minimize dusting. For operation with particularly dusty materials the linear stacker can be equipped with a telescopic loading device (“sleeve”).

Linear stacker Technical characteristics.jpg

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