Boom bucket-wheel stacker and reclaimer

For open stockyards maintenance the specialized machines for bulk material operations are applied. Particularly, the linear stacker (2) allows to take material from a feeding conveyor for stockpiling. With the boom bucket-wheel stacker and reclaimer (1) there can be stockpiling or material intake for subsequent feeding onto a quay conveyor. In some cases, it is possible to use the bridge-type bucket-wheel reclaimer for material homogenization.

The boom bucket-wheel stacker and reclaimer is intended for coal or other bulk material stockpiling and its reclaiming from a stockpile. The stacker and reclaimer travels on rail track, placed along a storage conveyor. The conveyor on the boom is reversible and it transfers material either from a storage conveyor to a stockpile or from the reclaiming rotor to a storage conveyor. The machine is intended for open stockyard operations. The stacker and reclaimer is equipped with electronic control system, that allows automatic stockpiling.

Boom bucket-wheel stacker and reclaimer.jpg

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