Pratzen crane (crane with claws)

Pratzen crane or a crane with claws belongs to the type of special bridge cranes and is used  in workshops of metallurgical facilities to transport rolled steel and half-finished materials. gripping devices of the pratzen crane are traverses with claws and cargo lifting magnets or hooks.

Special bridge claw cranes Technical parameters.jpg

The claws of the Pratzen crane can handle hot rolled metal and are applicable for guarding of the cargo. The advantage of the gripping device with claws is that it reduces landing time of cargoes to be lifted.

Pratzen cranes are intended for metallurgical production and are designed for heavy duty and extremely heavy duty operating modes at temperature which exceeds +40C. These cranes have high capacity due to high speed traveling.

Pratzen crane trolley designed by Tehnoros company can be manufactured as rotating one and it ensures handling of blanks and rolled metal along and across the workshop or the  warehouse. Herewith  traverse with claws is usually fastened to two rigid guide tracks which prevent the traverse  from swaying during acceleration (rigid suspension) or this traverse is suspended to a crane trolley by means of ropes (flexible suspension)

While making configuration of crane units we take into consideration Customer’s production process particulars as well as individual requirements indicated in crane technical specification.

During production of the pratzen crane we use components of leading manufactures and reliable suppliers.

Tehnoros company has got great experience in engineering, manufacturing and supplying of cranes of different types for different branches of industry.

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