Special bridge crane with jaws

Special bridge crane with jaws is equipped with operated jaws which are intended to grip and handle hot-tempered and cold slabs, blooms, ingots, billets and sections for steel production. Crane with jaws is used in metallurgic production under conditions of high dust concentration and in heavy duty modes.

Mechanical jaws for the jaw crane can be equipped with an automotive gripping device  and  two, four or six pairs of claws. Manual labor is not required while operating such jaws because automatic lock fixes the jaws in their open position and automatically deactivates block system while lowering on a slab. While applying motorized jaws  cargo gripping procedures are carried out by means of an extra drive.

Special bridge cranes with jaws are applied to operate furnaces and deliver heated ingots to a rolling mill. Except main process procedures which regard slab handling      cranes with jaws can also carry out other cargo handling procedures by means of an auxiliary lifting mechanism.

Jaw cranes designed by Tehnoros company have a rotating trolley with an upper rotating part and a traverse with mounted jaws. Jaws can be equipped with a moving head  which ensures rotation around vertical axis.

While making configuration of crane units we take into consideration Customer’s production process particulars as well as individual requirements indicated in crane technical specification.

During production of bridge crane with jaws we use components of leading manufactures and reliable suppliers.

Tehnoros company has got great experience in engineering, manufacturing and supplying of cranes of different types for different branches of industry.

Below you can find technical parameters of the basic line of special bridge cranes with jaws. According to your wish, the technical parameters can be changed.

Special bridge jaws cranes Technical parameters.jpg

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