Special bridge crane with a magnet and a grab

Special bridge cranes with magnets and grabs are intended for simultaneous or separate transportation of dry or lump materials  (sand, clay, grit, concrete, ore, coal) as well as  ferromagnet cargoes such as metal scrap, rolled metal, cast iron.

Due to their universality    cranes with magnets and grabs are widely used in scrap stockyards and can be used under hard temperature conditions of foundry shops. Along with that  electric magnets are applied for operation with ferromagnet materials.. Rope or hinged electromechanic or electro hydraulic grabs of different shape are used to handle dry and lump materials including metal chips.

The crane with the magnet and the grab can be equipped with a single, double or four-rope grab as well as with multi-jaw grabs for handling of badly scooped materials. Depending on its application the crane with the magnet and the grab can be equipped with round electromagnets to grab metal scrap or it can be equipped with rectangular electromagnets to transport rolled steel, slabs or rails

A motorized grab and an electromagnet are suspended directly on hook suspensions. Power supply of suspended cargo gripping  equipment is provided with motorized cable reels mounted on a trolley frame. When electromagnets or grabs are removed   cranes with magnets and grabs can handle piece cargoes in a  hook mode.

Depending on their application   cranes with magnets and grabs can be provided with one trolley which is equipped with a magnet winch & a grab winch or with two trolleys (magnet and grab ones). Along with that configuration of mechanisms on one trolley can be along or across the crane span. Two trolley cranes with magnets and grabs can be of double beam or three beam execution with parallel travelling of trolleys. Two lifting mechanisms are installed on the trolley and each of these mechanisms is operated with its own frequency inverter. As a result free simultaneous and synchronized work of both lifting devices is possible.

While making configuration of crane units we take into consideration Customer’s production process particulars as well as individual requirements indicated in crane technical specification.
During production of the special bridge crane with a magnet and a grab we use components of leading manufactures and reliable suppliers

Tehnoros company has got great experience in engineering, manufacturing and supplying of special cranes with magnets and grabs for different branches of industry.

Below you can find technical parameters of the basic line of special bridge cranes with a magnet and a grab. According to your wish, the technical parameters can be changed.

Special bridge magnet grab cranes Technical parameters.jpg

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