After-sales services

After-sales services

Production Association "TEHNOROS" is ready to provide services of technical maintenance of handling equipment.

Two choices of technical services are available:

1. Quarterly maintenance service

The contract for maintenance service includes: informational support of equipment (materials’ handling equipment), 4 planned engineer’s visit for maintenance, 1 urgent visit within 48 hours.

It is possible to supply share parts and provide repair services on the crane in accordance with an additional agreement to the contract.

The informational support includes technical support, consultations of Customer’s specialist about the equipment. The answer is given within 1-2 working days, depending on problem difficulty.

The planned engineer’s visit (quarterly maintenance service) is works, carried out by specialists of “Tehnoros” Group of Companies at the Customer’s site once in three months. The work duration is 3 days for a crane.

The urgent engineers’ visit is a visit of specialists of Tehnoros Group of Companies for diagnostics of materials’ handling equipment problems. The work duration is 2-3 days.

2. 24-hours maintenance service

At the serviced enterprise we create a service department for crane equipment maintenance. The service department has all necessary staff of skilled specialists depending on cranes number and types.

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