Floating deck crane "Poseidon" (framed structure of boom)

The floating deck crane “Poseidon”-3900 35 (80/150)-43/26 is intended for all types of cargo lifting operations, hazardous and ordinary cargoes loading onto surface ships, submarines, as well as for harbor equipment assembly and disassembly. The crane “Poseidon” is intended for port, road stead and coastal navigation. The floating crane is designed for year-round operation in accordance with vessel class Ice2 in ice conditions category. The operation conditions are limited by free air temperature range within up to +45 degrees C with humidity of 60-85% in the summer and up to -35 degrees C with humidity up to 98% in the winter. The deck crane stands wind load up to 40kgs/m2 and ensures safe operation at roll of ± 5 degrees and trim of ±2 degrees.

The upper construction of the floating crane has the following characteristics:
- maximum lifting capacity of the crane main hoist: 150 t
- maximum outreach of the crane main hoist: 43 m
- main hoist lifting capacity at maximum outreach: 80 t
- lifting capacity of the auxiliary hoist: 35 t
- outreach at maximum lifting capacity: 26 m
- rotation frequency: 0.24 RPM

The floating crane design ensures the independence of all working motions and the ability to combine them in any combinations, as well as close to the horizontal cargo movement during boom luffing. There is the emergency mode of operation, in which all crane drives operation without working motions combination is possible.

The boom is a framed structure, the lower end of which is hinged to the platform.

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