Container crane RMG

The container cranes “ANTEI” are gantry container cranes with a slewing traverse (spreader):

- 20-45 feet containers carrying between crane supports without rotation along the whole lifting height, opportunity of rotation between supports (crane legs) of 40 feet containers
- Increased distance (80 cm) between a container and outside surface of supports
- Improved system of rail anchors provides crane safety during increased wind loads
- Elimination of residual vibration due to the cargo damping system

The container cranes “ATLANT” are gantry container cranes with a slewing trolley:

- Increased crane capacity due to combination of a slewing trolley and the cargo damping system
- Cargo trolley slewing mechanism is designed for the whole crane service life
- Overcapacity of winches of the main hoist in combination with increased distance between hoists provides eliminating rolls and trims caused by uneven loading of a container
- Small spreader weight safes auto- and railway transport

Features of gantry container cranes:

- Cranes are equipped with a modern current lead system, designed for long service life
- Improved system of rail anchors provides holding crane while wind speed increases rated value
- Anti-collision system and hydraulic buffers provide safety during crane movement
- For safety of current lead cable of a cargo trolley we apply crane carriages of leading foreign premium class firms
- Containers capture is carried out by means of a fully electric telescopic spreader
- To ensure the smooth regulation and implementation of new functions, the crane control system is produced with using frequency converters of leading foreign premium class firms
- For micro movements and residual vibration elimination the crane is equipped with auxiliary controlling winches
- Movable control cabin is equipped with a comfortable chair-control and modern controls of foreign manufacture
- For convenient monitoring the control system status and improvement of operations safety, the cabin is equipped with a sensor screen of the control system and a controlled video camera with night vision system
- Traditionally for cranes of Russian manufacture, all elements of the main hoist mechanism and auxiliary controlling winches are placed in a house-cover, enclosed from precipitation. For heavy mechanisms maintenance a repair crane is applied, the roof of house-covers is equipped with withdrawable hatches.

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