Ore gantry

The ore gantries are equipped with a grab and they are intended for bulk cargoes handling, including sintered iron ore, coke, iron-ore pellets and coal. The ore gantries have the increased lifting capacity, bigger hoisting height (in some cases up to 50 meters), sufficiently increased trolley speed and span length up to 120 meters. Depending on handling operations specifics the ore gantry can be equipped with a rope bucket grab, a removable electromechanical (electro-hydraulic) grab.

The ore gantries are widely applied in coal and metallurgical industries, partially in the courts of blast furnace plants and in charge preparation plants and in cinder yards of open hearth plants, at enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous scraps recycling, as well.

Because the ore gantries are used on open yards, there is a house-casing for cargo trolley protection from atmospheric precipitation.

During crane units packaging, we take into consideration the specifics of the Customer’s manufacturing process, as well as individual requirements according to the technical specification. During manufacturing ore gantry we use components of leading manufactures and trusted suppliers.

Below you can find technical parameters of the basic line of ore gantries. According to your wish, the technical parameters can be changed.

Ore gantry Technical parameters.jpg

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