GOLIATH type crane

Installation gantry crane of Goliath type

Installation gantry crane of Goliath type
  • Installation gantry crane of Goliath type
Installation gantry crane of Goliath type
  • Installation gantry crane of Goliath type

Tehnoros” Group of companies is willing to design and manufacture cranes of Goliath type, which regard installation gantry cranes of larger loading capacity and lifting height as well as cranes with a wide span and high precision of positioning by means of modern electric drive control systems based on frequency inverters.

Configuration of Goliath- type cranes is intended for implementation of cargo handling procedures in a dry dock, for hoisting, handling and jointing of heavy assembly sections as well as large cargoes in shipyards or slip docks.

Application of assembly cranes “Goliath” allows to increase the effectiveness of work of the shipyard by means of hoisting large ship sections and it allows to reduce time of ship assembly.

Heavy assembly cranes “Goliath” are applied during production and assembly of marine facilities, special ships, oil and gas extracting platforms, drilling rigs.

Assembly crane “Goliath” is operated by one operator.

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Main specification

  • The crane is applied for simultaneous cargo handling with one trolley and two trolleys as well as for cargo handling during lifting.
  • There can be 2 types of metal structures of “Goliath” assembly cranes - single beam cranes and double beam cranes.
  • An upper trolley is equipped with two hooks which are located on trolley cantilevers  with passages on both sides of a span and they can travel (if necessary) to ensure cargo strapping according to appropriate dimensions  along the trolley simultaneously or independently from each other at the distance of up to 2 m. Crane control cabin is usually installed on the upper trolley.
  • A Lower trolley is located under a crane superstructure if it is a single girder structure or at the same level with the upper trolley. If there is a double girder superstructure, the upper and the lower trolley can function independently from each other or in a synchronized way. Along with that lower trolley can travel under upper one.  Main hoist mechanisms (up to 2 pcs.) and – upon extra request - auxiliary hoisting mechanisms  are located on the lower trolley. 
  • A repair crane for maintenance is located on a main beam of the crane on the support so that maintenance of upper and lower trolleys will be carried out.
  • For convenience of operator & maintenance staff (according to Customer’s requirements which are determined in technical specification) a lift is located inside one of crane supports.  
  • To prevent the crane from falling during the windstorm the crane is equipped with special devices for its fastening to a crane track.

Application of control systems based on frequency inverters and application of industrial production processes allow: 

  • To regulate speeds of all mechanisms within ranges from 5 up to 150% of nominal speeds (increase in speeds regards hoisting mechanisms  only when  cargo's weight is up to 40% of nominal loading capacity).
  • To ensure automatic acceleration and deceleration of all mechanisms.
  • To synchronize speeds and loads on ropes of all hoisting mechanisms while they work jointly
  • To synchronize speeds of crane travelling mechanisms under each of crane supports (It ensures absence (minimization) of bridge skewness).

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