Hook gantry crane with traverse

The gantry cranes with a traverse are intended for long cargoes operations, as well as for rails, pipes and beams transfer. Besides, using such cranes, it is possible to transfer oversized cargoes and cargoes of irregular shape.

The traverse is a beam or a frame, equipped with hooks, or other load-handling devices, on which hoisting electric magnets, jaws, arms or other special grips can be hanged. The traverse structure is determined by cargo overall dimensions, traverse operation conditions and technical characteristics of the crane, using the traverse.

The gantry cranes, intended for long sheet metal products handling at metallurgical and ship building enterprises, can be equipped with special traverses with vacuum load-handling devices in order to prevent surface damaging.

The cranes with a traverse are widely applied in metallurgical industry, ship building industry, on large scrap metal plants, at reinforced concrete manufactures, in timber industry and other industries.

During crane units packaging, we take into consideration the specifics of the Customer’s manufacturing process, as well as individual requirements according to the technical specification. During manufacturing ore gantry we use components of leading manufactures and trusted suppliers.

Below you can find technical parameters of the basic line of gantry cranes with traverse. According to your wish, the technical parameters can be changed.

Gantry hook cranes with traverse Technical parameters.jpg

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