Grab magnet gantry crane

Grab magnet gantry cranes, as a rule, are manufactured with two trolleys and are widely used for unloading, loading, assortment and storage  of ferrous metal scrap in charge preparation plants and in slag yards of open-hearth plants as well as in ferrous / non-ferrous scrap processing plants.

Application of magnet grab cranes allows alternate loading of moulds, production process packages, railway transport or trucks by means of magnets and /or a grab as well as handling of piece cargoes.

Mechanism configuration of magnet grab gantry cranes with 1 trolley can be with location of  actuating devices both along the crane span and across it. It is convenient during handling of prepared scrap in large  special transport vehicles:   transfer cars or scrap transporting vehicles.
According to its structure   magnet grab gantry crane is of double cantilever type with a double bridge of sheet structure. The crane is equipped with  supporting trolleys and a fixed control cabin which is fastened from external side of rigid support. Control of all mechanisms is carried out from the panel located in control cabin.  
Metal structure  of the crane is its base on which the rest of crane parts are mounted and it is intended for perception and transmission of all loads to a crane track which occur during cargo hoisting and handling.

Grab trolley is intended for location of lifting mechanism,  grab  blocking mechanism and travelling mechanism (which ensures its travelling along the crane bridge) and electric equipment. Depending  on particulars of cargo lifting procedures  the magnet grab gantry crane can be equipped with a rope ladle grab, a removable electro-mechanic or electro-hydraulic grab. Application of the hinged driven grab allows to transport piece cargoes by means of a hook.

Magnet trolley is intended for location of a lifting mechanism, mechanism of electric cable connection to the magnet, travelling mechanism (which ensures its travelling along the crane bridge)  and electric equipment. A plug connector  for connection of the cable  (which feeds a cargo lifting electric magnet) is fastened to a hook suspension. The hook itself is equipped with a safety lock. The magnet grab crane can work with piece cargoes in a hook mode  when electromagnet is removed.

To protect cargo from falling  off the magnet a wiring scheme of the magnet grab crane is made in such a way that (while actuating appliance and security devices) magnetic strength is not removed from the magnet.

Crane travelling mechanism consists of 4 pcs. of 2-wheel driven trolleys , 2 anti-creepage devices with operation from the cabin.

While making crane configuration we take into consideration Customer’s production process particulars and individual requirements indicated in crane technical specification.

While manufacturing magnet grab gantry cranes we use components of leading manufacturers and reliable suppliers.

Below you can find technical parameters of the basic line of magnet grab gantry cranes. According to your wish, the technical parameters can be changed.

Gantry magnet grab crane Technical parameters.jpg

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