Grab gantry crane

Grab gantry cranes are intended for bulk cargo handling by means of a special grab gripping device. Depending on particulars of cargo hoisting procedures the grab gantry crane can be equipped with a rope ladle grab, a removable electro-mechanical or an  electric hydraulic grab.

Gantry grab cranes are widely used in coal industry and in metallurgy, in charge preparation plants and in slag yards of open-hearth plants in particular as well as in ferrous / non-ferrous scrap processing plants. If it is necessary to expand space of an unloading platform (for example during unloading of ships or automotive vehicles) gantry crane superstructure is supplemented by one or two cantilevers.

Grab gantry cranes are equipped with a special grab winch which (along with hoisting mechanism) has a grab closing mechanism. Along with that it is possible to have grab reeving with its opening along and across a bridge span.

As gantry cranes are intended for work in open areas they are equipped with a housing to protect a cargo trolley from atmospheric fallouts. Being a high structure  with large windward square, the grab gantry crane is protected from voluntary travel by means of anti-creepage devices  which are installed on end carriages. Besides that, a system of crane skewness limitation is provided on loose wheels of end carriages.

Depending on production process tasks a hinged or a rope grab (which has one-rope, double-rope and four-rope execution) is installed on a gantry grab crane. Rope grabs can be opened along or across crane tracks and are widely used in facilities with large cargo turnover. At the same time application of the hinged motorized grab ensures transportation of piece cargoes by means of a hook.

While making configuration of crane units we take into consideration production process particulars of Customer’s production facilities as well as individual requirements indicated in Specification of the crane. While manufacturing grab gantry cranes we use components of leading manufacturers and reliable suppliers.

“Tehnoros” company has got great experience in engineering, manufacturing and supplying of grab gantry cranes for different branches of industry.

Below you can find technical parameters of the basic line of grab gantry cranes. According to your wish, the technical parameters can be changed.

Gantry grab cranes Technical parameters.jpg

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