Gantry crane with two trolleys

Gantry crane with two trolleys
  • Gantry crane with two trolleys
Gantry crane with two trolleys
  • Gantry crane with two trolleys

Gantry cranes with 2 trolleys  are as a rule of the same loading capacity and they are equipped with hooks as cargo gripping devices for lifting, handling of long and large cargoes while two trolleys work simultaneously. In this case  loading capacity of the  gantry crane  is characterized by summarized (total) loading capacity of two trolleys.

A magnet grab crane equipped with a magnet and a grab is a special case of the gantry crane with two trolleys.

Cranes with 2 trolleys are applied to increase  maintenance area while lifting cargoes on extended cantilevers. Synchronized work with two trolleys is ensured due to application of frequency control system  of travelling & lifting  mechanisms.

Gantry cranes with two trolleys are equipped with a rigid suspension of the cargo gripping device but it is possible to equip cranes with an anti-sway system which reduces oscillations while handling the cargo.

Application of two trolleys allows to apply this type of the gantry crane for installation of large items in such specific industries as ship-building and in some cases it is possible to handle the cargo by weight (in suspension).

In its configuration gantry cranes with two trolleys are similar to gantry hook cranes for general  purposes and consist of a single beam & double beam bridge with cantilevers or without them.

A drive of cargo lifting & trolley travelling mechanisms can be installed directly on a  cargo trolley (self-propelled trolleys) or statically  on a  bridge (trolleys with a rope haulage).

Control of all crane mechanisms is carried out from control cabin and operation of all crane mechanisms is carried out with individual drives of all work mechanisms.

Control system by means of start-control electric equipment ensures speed control of crane procedures -  travelling of cargo trolleys in particular as well as cargo lifting and lowering.

While making crane configuration we take into consideration Customer’s production process particulars and individual requirements indicated in crane technical specification.

While manufacturing  gantry cranes with two trolleys we use components of leading manufacturers and reliable suppliers.

Below you can find technical parameters of the basic line of gantry cranes with two trolleys. According to your wish, the technical parameters can be changed.

Gantry cranes with two trolleys Technical parameters.jpg

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