The new bridge ladle crane with 210 t lifting capacity was commissioned at one of Russia's major steel mill

04 October, 2021

TEHNOROS has successfully commissioned the new bridge ladle crane КМЭМЛ 210+63/20-27,5-А7, У3. The crane with lifting capacity of 210 t is intended for carrying out of technological operations, necessary for smelting and casting of liquid steel and has installed in casting aisle of the arc-furnace shop at one of Russia's major steel mills.

In accordance with terms of reference the former ladle crane replacement was made together with the current type changing from DC to AC with the voltage of 380 volt.

The crane is equipped with the new generation main hoist drive without open transmission gears.

The main hoist of the new bridge ladle crane is equipped with two Sibre disk emergency breaks.

The possibility of the main hoist mechanism operating while one of engines failing is provided.

The modern thermal shielded and heated control cabin of the crane is equipped with a convenient seat, joypad control, conditioning and air-filter systems, as well as with glass outer surface dust cleaning system.

The crane is intended for A7 mode operating.

TEHNOROS has a rich experience in design, manufacture and supply of different types of special overhead cranes for metallurgy.

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