TEHNOROS will supply a pouring crane with lifting capacity 210 t to the Ural Steel metallurgical plant

20 May, 2020

Production Association “TEHNOROS” has signed a contract with Ural Steel JSC for the design, production and supply of bridge metallurgical pouring crane 210+63/20-27,5-A8, Y3.

The equipment will be operated in the ingot-casting bay of the electric-furnace melting shop in extra-heavy operation mode (A8).

The crane with a load capacity of 210+63/20 t is designed to perform operations for transporting of slag thimbles and steel-teeming ladle with molten metal, for casting metal on steel billet continuous casting machine 1, 2, as well as for servicing equipment in the ingot-casting bay using all lifting mechanisms.

Bridge metallurgical pouring crane with lifting capacity 210 t (3D-model)

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