TEHNOROS will manufacture and supply the 45 ton lifting capacity RMG gantry container crane to PJSC «TransContainer» Kirov-Kotlasskiy container terminal

26 May, 2021

 TEHNOROS has signed contract with PJSC “TransContainer” for design, production and supply of the 45 ton lifting capacity gantry container crane.

The equipment will be operated at the PJSC «TransContainer» Kirov-Kotlasskiy container terminal.

The container crane will be carrying out a complete set of works concerning up to 45 ton weight containers transshipment.

The crane’s load trolley design allows carrying out any unevenly loaded containers transshipment.

The crane is equipped as standard with a load anti-swing active system, which provides:

-          An effective spreader vibration damping when moving the crane and spreader’s rotation.

-          Up to ±200 mm longitudinal and transverse movement of the spreader without basic mechanisms of the crane engaging.

Main features of the crane:

Lifting capacity on the spreader – 45 ton;

Gauge of the crane – 25 m;

Operating outreach on consoles – 8.2 & 9.2 m;

Maximum lifting height -15 m


TEHNOROS has many years of experience in design, production and installation of RMG gantry container cranes. Today the company is one of the top Russian container terminals equipment manufacturers.

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