Bucket reclaimer, manufactured upon the project of "TEHNOROS", was put into operation at a metallurgical plant in the Czech Republic

18 September, 2020

At the beginning of September 2020, a portal bucket reclaimer with a capacity of 1200 t/h was put into operation at the outdoor storage of Třinec Iron and Steel Works (Trinec, Czech Republic) after successful completion of all the necessary tests.

Bucket reclaimer

“TEHNOROS” Production Association is the reclaimer’s project designer and supplier of the major sophisticated components. The company's specialists also carried out author's supervision over the production of metal structures at Czech enterprises and supervised the installation of equipment at the customer's premises.

The giant machine is nearly equal to an average 12-storey building in size.

The reclaimer’s overall length is 83.8 m, the height is 36 m, and the total weight is 1075 tons.


The reclaimer is intended for homogenizing the ore materials in the production of blast furnace agglomerate and charging material for steelmaking, as well as for disbanding bulk stacks and constant supply of homogenized material to the warehouse conveyor.

Chain bucket reclaimer 

The equipment is designed and manufactured in compliance with strict European environmental standards for dust and noise levels.

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