Sophisticated shiploading solutions from Russia’s Tehnoros


Production Association Tehnoros was established in 1991. Nowadays, Tehnoros is a leading Russian designer and manufacturer of complex materials’ handling and transport equipment of various applications. The company’s product range includes high-quality shiploaders. Tehnoros specializes in the custom-design and implementation of unique engineering solutions that are based on detailed analysis of the technical features of every project, operational conditions and individual needs of the customer. For years, the specialists at Tehnoros have carried out more than 100 unique and complicated projects for major companies in the oil and gas industry, mining, metallurgical, chemical and nuclear power industries, shipbuilding, military industrial complex. The company offers great expertise in equipment for cargo transportation and logistics infrastructure. Tehnoros’s capabilities mean that it is able to meet fully the requirements of the modern market, and to design, manufacture, deliver and maintain sophisticated and customized (non-standard) equipment which meets the highest global standards. Tehnoros is active in the design and production of material handling equipment for dry cargo commodities. As an engineering company with a long history, Product Association Tehnoros is able to offer comprehensive shiploading solutions for the organization of transport flows of bulk cargo from the place of unloading to vessels of various classes.


Production Association Tehnoros has solutions for the transportation and transshipment of goods. It designs all the equipment necessary for a shiploading complex — internal logistics, transportation volumes and parameters of the goods, and also production of this equipment, delivery, installation and service.

Tehnoros is also able to modernize existing shiploading facilities. The flexibility that is built in at the design stage makes it possible to reduce financial costs by integrating new equipment into the existing facility. A further advantage is that all equipment meets set objectives.


Tehnoros has the expertise to propose a set of optimal individual interconnected technical and technological solutions to optimize the final cost of the project; all aimed at achieving the lowest-cost handling and maintenance costs.

The integrated use of the proposed equipment makes it possible to ensure continuity in the entire processing chain at a shiploading facility, including loading and unloading, transshipment, warehousing and storage of bulk cargo for various purposes.

Mechanization and automation of the process of transshipment, i.e. the use of special equipment, greatly reduces labour intensity; shortens the time and quality of loading/unloading of material; increases turnover; and increases the economic efficiency of economic entities.


When designing equipment for a shiploading facility, Tehnoros takes into account the main properties and characteristics of transported goods, and its influence on the parameters of main and auxiliary equipment.

Sophisticated shiploading solutions from Russia’s Tehnoros

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